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Your smile deserves the best care that you can provide. Our dentist, Dr. Jorge de la Osa concurs with the American Dental Association, which recommends bi-annual dental checkups to ensure excellent oral health. Let’s look at what these checkups entail.

–Dental Plaque: Brushing and flossing daily will eliminate harmful plaque from your smile. Even so, you can still miss some areas of the mouth. With time, this plaque builds up and hardens into tartar, requiring dental tools to remove.

–Gum Disease: Dental plaque also impacts the gums as it erodes gum tissue in the mouth. Once it hardens into tartar, it leads to gingivitis (infection in the gum) along the gumline where the tissues meet the tooth. Now your gums may recede from the tooth. With time and continued tissues break down, you may find your gums swelling, bleeding or sore. Ultimately, untreated gum disease causes the teeth to loosen and fall out from bone loss.

–Detecting Cavities: Lingering tartar on the teeth erodes tooth enamel, allowing holes to invade it. Because cavities are silent in their destruction, you may not even know about them until the tooth starts to ache from the decay. At that point, you will require a dental filling to halt the decay and repair the damage. With the help of a thorough examination and dental x-rays, your dental team can detect cavities early on, before they become destructive.

–Dental X-rays: We will x-ray your teeth and jawbone to look for problem areas beneath the surface. Dental x-rays allow us to spot impacted teeth, bone decay, jawbone damage, tumors, cysts, or swelling to begin timely treatment.

–Destructive Oral Habits: Poor oral habits can negatively affect your smile. If your dentist determines any of the following are damaging your oral health, you may receive advice on how to treat or prevent them.

–Eating too many sticky or hard sweets.
–Brushing your teeth too hard.
–Chewing on ice.
–Biting your nails.
–Clenching your jaw.
–Grinding your teeth.
–Drinking tooth staining tea, coffee, and red wine.
–Using tobacco products.

–Oral Cancer: The following areas will be checked for signs of cancer by your dentist: your mouth, jaw, neck, and lymph nodes, and all oral tissues. When cancer is detected early, it is actually highly treatable.

–Dental Cleaning: All tooth and gum surfaces will be cleaned to remove any plaque and tartar buildup followed by a polishing of your pearly whites. The teeth will also be thoroughly flossed along the gumline and in between the crevices. If there are any problems with your current oral hygiene, your hygienist will review with you any brushing and flossing techniques to help with those problem areas.

As you can see, your dental checkup is vital for your smile! Please call 626.579.4274 today if you would like to schedule your next visit. Our Sunshine Dental Group team in El Monte, California, looks forward to helping stay healthy and confident throughout the year.