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Have you ever been told that you should visit your dentist twice a year? Would you be surprised to learn that these appointments are actually quite important, or that skipping these appointments could have serious consequences?

An important part of these appointments is cleaning your pearly whites thoroughly. However, we’ll do more than simply clean your pearly whites—we’ll also examine your teeth for issues that could become more serious.

One issue we’ll search for is gum disease. Did you know that many individuals actually have gum disease without ever realizing it? Sadly, the symptoms of gum disease can be difficult to identify, but our team is trained to do so. We’ll also inspect your mouth for signs of oral cancer, which could include a discolored spot on your mouth or a strange lump.

Our team will also look for cavities or tooth decay. Like gum disease, many individuals have tooth decay without realizing it. This is an issue because tooth decay can lead to serious problems, such as root canal therapy or tooth extractions. In fact, if you don’t avoid these problems, your teeth could ultimately die.

To learn more about the care you can receive from our team or to learn more about a bi-annual cleaning, please don’t hesitate to give Sunshine Dental Group a call at 626.579.4274. Our dentist, Dr. Jorge de la Osa, and our team will gladly offer you personalized advice. We look forward to hearing from you.