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If you have a medical condition, it is important that everyone involved in your healthcare, be it dental or in another field, is aware of it. To do anything else might be like trying to lift a 100-pound barbell with one arm tied behind your back. If you have a pacemaker, we need to be aware of it so that you can receive the care you need in the safest manner possible.

First, and foremost, you should let us know if you have recently had any surgeries. It may be wise to delay any elective treatment for the first few weeks after receiving a pacemaker. If you do need treatment in that time, however, we may prescribe some antibiotics to take prior to your appointment.

We also need to be informed if you have an implanted pacemaker. We may need to use different tools during your appointment because some of them might use ultrasonic waves that could cause interference with your pacemaker and may result in an irregular heartbeat. While the chances of such an interaction may be very small, but we’d rather not take the risk and would like to take precautions against it.

If you notify us about your pacemaker ahead of your appointment, we may be able to find out about possible interactions from your physician or even directly from the pacemaker’s manufacturer. Doing this can help us to provide you with the best and safest care possible.

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