Bridge the Gap Caused by Missing Teeth and Restore Your Smile

woman smiling with her hand in her hairA missing tooth, no matter where it is, can cause anyone to feel self-conscious about their smile. Not only that, but it can lead to several issues with your oral health and bite alignment. At Sunshine Dental Group, we want to help our patients avoid as many dental issues as possible. If you have a missing tooth or a row of missing teeth, our dentists may recommend a dental bridge to restore your smile.

A dental bridge is type of fixed, or non-removable, dental restoration that is customized to comfortably fit in your mouth’s unique shape. It is made up of natural-looking replacement teeth that are attached to a gum-like acrylic base. On either end of the bridge, Dr. Jorge de la Osa or one of our associate dentists will shave down the natural tooth and attach the bridge, holding it in place with a dental crown. In a total of two visits to our practice, you can have a newly restored and natural-looking smile.

By restoring your missing teeth, you can restore both the looks and function of your smile. Dental bridges work to provide a stable foundation for properly restoring your ability to chew and speak normally. Because your dental bridge is anchored in place, you can care for your bridge just as you would your natural teeth. With proper dental hygiene, your dental bridge can last for years to come and help you keep the smile you want.

If you have missing teeth in your smile, contact our practice today to learn more about how our dental bridges in El Monte, California, and bring back your smile and your confidence.