Root Canals Restore and Preserve Your Natural Tooth After Severe Damage

If you have a tooth that seems extra sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, or that is causing you some discomfort, you may need a root canal treatment. At Sunshine Dental Group, our dentists and team work with great care and precision to ensure that your root canal treatment is comfortable, effective and provides the results you need.

girl holding an icepack to her mouthRoot canals are often recommended for teeth that have become infected due to untreated dental decay. Generally, a root canal treatment takes two appointments to complete. At your first appointment, Dr. Jorge de la Osa or one of his associate dentists will start by numbing the area around the infected tooth and placing a rubber dam around the tooth to keep it dry during the procedure.

Once your mouth is prepped, our dentists will drill a small hole into the tooth to expose the root canal and remove the damaged areas of the tooth and inner pulp. Once the tooth is clean, we will place a dental filling resin inside the root canal to fill the hole. During this process, we will alternate layers of the filling resin with medication to help your tooth heal quickly and properly.

After your root canal treatment is complete, you will have a short healing period while your permanent dental crown is created. In your second appointment, we will cement your crown into place to finalize your root canal and provide your tooth with protection from further infection or damage.

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your teeth, we encourage you to contact our office to set up a consultation for your root canal in El Monte, California.