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When patients go to the dentist and discover that they need their wisdom teeth removed or an advanced surgical procedure to restore their optimal oral health, they are often referred to an oral surgeon that they do not know. In many cases, this can make the patient nervous about their upcoming procedure. At Sunshine Dental Group, we want our patients to always be comfortable with their treatments and dental care providers. Because of this, we are happy to offer oral surgery at our familiar practice.

doctor examining patientOral surgery is a branch of dentistry that focuses on more advanced and often complex surgical procedures that involve all parts of the mouth. Generally, dentists do not have the training necessary to perform these procedures and need to refer patients to a specialist. At our practice, however, Dr. Jorge de la Osa and his associate dentists have taken the time to receive proper training and develop the skills necessary to provide basic oral surgery right here in our office. That means that you don’t have to worry about meeting with a doctor you don’t know and can feel right at home during your treatment.

At our practice, we want to do all that we can to protect and restore your oral health. To do this, we offer the following oral surgery treatments:

After any oral surgery procedure, it is important to care for your mouth. Our dentists will provide you with specific post-treatment instructions, which you should follow carefully to ensure that you recover quickly and fully. If you have any questions about your oral surgery in El Monte, California, or post-treatment care, please feel free to contact our caring team.