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As you travel, you might be preoccupied with all the many adventures you have planned, but don’t forget about your smile. It’s extremely important to keep up on oral hygiene, even when you’re traveling. So, to help you keep up on oral hygiene, Dr. Jorge de la Osa and our dental team have an oral hygiene packing checklist for you so you don’t forget the tools to clean your smile.

First, pack your travel toothbrush. The smaller the toothbrush, the better because it can take less room in your suitcase. Just make sure the brush still has soft bristles so it can properly clean the smile and care for your gums. It’s also recommended to pack a toothbrush cover so you can keep your brush’s bristles away from germs and bacteria. If you’re not sure which cover is best, we recommend packing a cover that has ventilation that will allow the brush to dry after you’ve scrubbed your smile.

Second, pack your travel toothpaste. If you are traveling on an aircraft, only pack paste that weighs about or less than 3.4 ounces. If the paste exceeds that weight limit, it will get confiscated. So, make sure your paste is travel sized so you don’t have any issues.

Third, pack your floss. Flossing is a vital task when cleaning your smile, so don’t forget to pack your favorite floss. This tool is also beneficial if you ever get food stuck between your teeth. If you floss after you eat, your chances of having a food-filled smile will be reduced.

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