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It’s time to change your orthodontic experience from something inconvenient into something successful and victorious! In order to do so, we recommend keeping a small hand bag with you throughout the day. If you have the following items in your bag, you are likely to have a better experience with your braces:

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste: After each meal, we recommend that you thoroughly brush your teeth. This will not only remove the food that is stuck in your braces (which could be extremely embarrassing if you didn’t realize it was there), but it will also keep your braces and teeth in tip-top shape.

2. Floss: Flossing plays an important role in your oral hygiene routine. By flossing once a day or after you eat each meal, the food that is stuck in your braces will be freed and your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Orthodontic wax: There are times when your braces will poke and bother you. To make sure you have a pain-free and successful day, you can place the orthodontic wax over the area to achieve the comfort you seek.

4. Chapstick: With braces, it is very common to have chapped lips, which is why it is smart to keep chapstick in your hand bag. By applying the balm to your lips throughout the day, you will have the smooth, fresh feeling you need.

5. Mirror: To keep your trips to the restroom at a minimum, keep a small mirror in your hand bag. By having a mirror handy, you will be able to check your braces at any time, which will reduce the need to run to the boys and ladies rooms at inconvenient times.

6. Mouth guard: If you are an athlete or musician, don’t forget to wear your mouth guard while you play sports and instruments! When you wear the guard, your cheeks, lips, and tongue will be protected and you will not have the painful, inconvenient cuts and injuries that could occur if you do not wear the mouth guard.

7. Your smile: Lastly, don’t forget to smile! If you are self-conscious because of the braces, there is no need to hide your smile. Braces are common appliances that many people use to straighten their smile, which is why you should never be ashamed of your smile and why you should show it off to the world!

For more tips and tricks to having a successful orthodontic experience, call our office today and talk to our orthodontist. We are happy to help you have the best possible experience with braces!