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As a parent all aspects of your child’s health and development are certainly important to you. This also includes maintaining the health of their mouth.

Bringing your child to Sunshine Dental Group every six months for a routine dental checkup is essential for catching any developing oral health issues before they can worsen. This might also involve administering preventative treatments to address an oral health issues before it develops.

If our dentist, Dr. Jorge de la Osa notices bacterial deposits trapped on the biting surfaces of your child’s permanent molars and premolars, he might recommend applying dental sealants. This simple measure is designed to apply a special dental resin to create a protective barrier between oral bacteria and the underlying tooth enamel.

After he carefully paints the dental resin onto the teeth, a special ultraviolet light will be used to harden the dental sealants. This also marries them to the underlying tooth enamel. This will create an invisible barrier preventing bacteria from direct contact with the otherwise healthy tooth enamel.

Dental sealants are very durable. Brushing their teeth each morning and night will not degrade the dental sealants. Along with remembering to floss at least once per day it can help your child maintain healthy gums, teeth, and other oral tissues.

If you live in El Monte, California, and you have concerns about preserving the health of your child’s permanent teeth, you should call 626.579.4274 to schedule a dental checkup with dental sealants at Sunshine Dental Group.