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Choosing to align your smile is a big decision, but there are many reasons why you should take your first step in doing so. Aligning your smile could do wonders for your appearance and oral health, and this is why:

• Orthodontic treatment can finally abolish the embarrassment you feel every time you smile to take a picture, laugh, and talk. It is a great self-esteem booster.

• It can successfully correct problems like misaligned teeth, improper jaw positions, jaw joint disorders, overbites, and underbites. If these problems aren’t treated properly, you will have an improper bite and you will likely develop additional dental issues, like tooth decay and gum disease.

• It can give you the smile of your dreams for a lifetime, which means that you will never feel ashamed or embarrassed of your smile again.

When it comes to the orthodontic appliance used to straighten your smile, there are many options available. Depending on your situation, you can align your teeth with one of the following options:

Traditional braces
This appliance consists of metal brackets and wires that apply pressure to your teeth and gradually shift your teeth throughout time. The metal brackets are glued to the front surfaces of your teeth and are connected by the metal wires. This appliance is one of the cheaper options and it provides successful results.

Ceramic braces
Ceramic braces are also glued to the front surfaces of your teeth, but the appliance is tooth colored so it provides a natural appearance as you transform your smile.

Invisalign is a mouth guard-like aligner that covers your teeth and changes your smile. This aligner is clear, plastic, and removable and is virtually invisible. The treatment will consist of multiple aligners that will give you the smile of your dreams.

Lingual braces
Lingual braces are like traditional braces but instead of the brackets being glued to the front surfaces of your teeth, the brackets are glued to the back of the teeth. This makes the appliance unnoticeable, which can help you correct your teeth without having a metal-filled smile.

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