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Smoking cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco introduces tar and other chemicals to your mouth. This can have an adverse effect on your oral health while also causing significant dental stains to develop on the surfaces of your teeth.

With continued tobacco use, you could be left with teeth that are an unsightly shade of yellow, gray, or brown. At the same time, you will likely find that the mild dental whitening products sold in stores to be ineffective.

Rather than wasting unnecessary frustration by experimenting with retail whitening products, you should consider scheduling a dental bleaching treatment from dentists like Drs. Osa, Casanova, and Brand. The professional whitening agents and tools that he uses are far more effective than you find in retail whitening products.

Before bleaching your teeth, our dentists will protect your gums by applying a special protective gel or installing a special rubber dam. A small amount of the concentrated dental grade bleaching agent will then be poured into special trays that match the general shape of your teeth.

A small suction device will be placed between the two trays, which you will bite together. The total duration of the dental bleaching will vary depending on the depth of your dental stains. At the conclusion of your dental bleaching treatment, Drs. Osa, Casanova, and Brand might also use a special ultraviolet light to maximize the luster of your teeth.

Going forward, you might want to fully embrace tobacco cessation. This can reduce your chances of suffering oral and medical health conditions while also helping to maintain your white smile.

If you are in the El Monte, California, area, and if your teeth have developed dental stains from tobacco use, you should call 626.579.4274 and schedule an appointment dental bleaching at Sunshine Dental Group.